The Best Sewing Machines – The perfect stitch

We round up our favourite sewing machines.

Choosing your machine

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it’s important to find a sewing machine that has all the capabilities you need. From detailed embroidery to basic sewing, we look at the best machines on the market right now depending on your needs and level of skill.  

Industrial sewing machines:

  • Industrial
  • Flat bed
  • Cylinder bed
  • Post bed
  • Of-the-arm

Domestic Sewing Machines:

  • Manual
  • Electronic
  • Computerized
  • Overlocker
  • Lock stitch
  • Over edging
  • Embroidery



Beginners will benefit from a simple machine. Look for a model that has a medium amount of stitch options to get you started.

The Janome 7025 is our choice for beginners. This machine can tackle a range of fabrics and has 24 wonderful stitch options to choose from. It features a view-through bobbin cover which allows you to identify when it needs to be changed easily.

You control the speed of the machine with foot pedal.


Textile Students:

Textile students may require a little more detail in their work, and so a more complex and capable machine is required. Extra settings like embroidery and computerised lettering will allow you to unleash your inner Stella McCartney.  

Computerised machines can make all the difference to your work, allowing for precision, creativity and the wow factor. But being a student means budget must also be taken into account.

This Brother model is advanced yet still affordable. It offers flexibility and customisation, and can be used for everything from basic sewing to patchwork, buttonholes and embroidery.

Forty built in stitch ranges will facilitate whatever design you are after. The built-in needle threader will save time and you can even use the machine with or without the foot pedal. You can adjust the stitch length and width with ease and the LED lights and LCD screen will help you get the perfect finish.



Industrial machines are on a slightly different scale to commercial. Smart technology, speed and efficiency are all important factors to consider when you are choosing machines for business use. You will need to conduct research based on your needs, requirements and budget.

Juki and Brother are both great brands that have a huge roster of machines for you to choose from.



Textiles class was always our favourite! Schools require simple, safe and reliable machines.

We would always opt for Bernina. Their 1008 model is a great choice for the classroom with plenty of chunky dials, a good range of stitch sizes and styles making it easy to experiment.