What is the Fibre Content of Satin?

At Whaley’s, we’ve built a world-class reputation for supplying a wide range of fabrics to individuals and professionals. We pride ourselves in giving our customers confidence in knowing that they will receive excellence products that are professionally cut, packed and delivered perfect every time. Our wide collection of fabrics includes silks, cottons, calico, wools, linens and viscose, and can be used for a wide range of projects both big and small.

One of our most popular fabrics is Satin.

What is Satin?

Satin fabric is traditionally known and recognised for its glossy appearance, the shimmering fabric is popular for use in the manufacture of clothing, interior design and costumes. Satin is a cost-effective alternative to silk and due to its stiffer structure, it holds its shape more successfully.

Distinctive features:

• Luxurious smooth surface

• Glossy

• Shimmery

Satin Fibres

Satin and silk are often confused, satin is a weave, whereas silk is a fibre. Satin can be produced from a range of fibres. Options include rayon, acetate, polyester, cotton, viscose and silk multifilament yarns.

The thickness of the fabric will vary depending on the fibre content and degree of yarn twist. The quality also is related to the thickness of the satin weave. The way in which the fabrics are woven give the signature glossy finish. You will often notice that satin has one shiny side and a dull side, that is a result of the weaving process.

The weaving technique that results in satin fabrics is a practise that has the warp ruling. The warp is the thread running the length of the fabric while the weft is the thread running from side to side. The weaving technique for satin fabrics has several weft threads being woven above one warp thread which results in what is referred to as ‘floats’, which give the fabrics the smooth glossy finish.

We supply a wide range of different satins from well know affordable classics such as acetate satin, polyester crepe, cotton satin to more indulgence options such as double-faced satin silk or duchess satin for those projects that require a luxurious finish.