Three DIY Fabric Baby Gates to Contain Your Kinder

Ideal for young children and pets, these attractive fabric baby gates make an ideal replacement* or cover for that traditional run of the mill metallic baby gates found in many homes.

We have compiled a list of three different variations on the classic baby gate that should help you to keep your little escape artists in check.

Thrifty Fabric Baby Gate

Thrifty baby gate

Whitney at Two Points for Honesty has some excellent tips for converting an old curtain into a beautiful and inexpensive fabric baby gate.  This is particularly nifty as it requires minimal sewing as the curtain is already hemmed and just needs cutting down to size and uses Velcro for attaching ½ to your stairs existing banisters.

No Sew Fabric Baby Gate

Fabric stair gate

The DIY Playbook has a great idea for a no sew fabric baby gate that you should be able to put together in under an hour. Instead of a hot glue gun, they use some heat activated bonding strips, ribbon and some self-adhesive cord bundlers to add to this projects ease. Check out their handy video below.

* This post is for information only. Whaleys accept no responsibility for any injuries caused as a result of your fabric baby gates being circumvented.

Slide Through Baby Gate

Homemade baby gate

Sarah Westover of Bomb Shell Bling provides a quick tutorial for a slide through baby gate created from fabric, foam, a wooden board and some staples. You have to have open balustrades on both sides of your stairs for this to work or you could adapt your wall with two simple batons to keep the board in place if you only have balustrades along one side.

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