Fabric Scraps

Fabric scraps or what they are known as at Whaleys “fabric samples” are available on the majority of products.

If you are looking for fabric cut offs, or large fabric scraps then Whaleys isn’t the place to be. What we do have at Whaleys is fabric scraps / samples which you can order for free on each individual product page.

As Whaleys stock silks, cottons, velvets, calicos you can request fabric scraps of each type of fabric.

To find the fabric scrap you are looking for then just search for the fabric you are looking for and request a free sample on the product page itself, then proceed to the checkout.

Black Satin Fabric          Coated Bamboo Jersey        Heavy Calico Fabric

Black Satin Fabric                                       Coated Bamboo Jersey                            Heavy Calico Fabric
Get a Free Fabric Scrap Today                     Get a Free Fabric Scrap Today                   Get a Free Fabric Scrap Today