Wedding Dress Fabrics

A wedding dress can be the most important dress in a women’s life, highly anticipated and quite often talked about for years before the big day.


With many different fabrics to choose from, dependent on the style you want to go for; structural or flowing – there is a perfect fabric for you to create a show stopping gown.

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Satin is one of the most popular, versatile and practical wedding dress fabrics. Its smooth supportive weave works well with a variety of designs, making it a great choice for wedding dress creations.

Historically, during the Middle Ages, satin was made of pure silk, making it very expensive and only used by the upper classes. However, as time has passed, it has become one of the most popular fabrics on the market today.


Silk has had its roots planted in China since 2500 BC, China is still the world’s largest producer of silk. Its soft texture makes it an ideal fabric for evening wear, especially wedding dresses.

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Tulle is named after the French city it originated in. A net like fabric that is often used as a petticoat under wedding dresses, it is lightweight and is perfect for giving the skirt dramatic volume.


Chiffon is lightweight and sheer, making it a popular choice when it comes to formal and evening wear. Its delicate look makes it perfect for flowing dresses.


On more structured bodices and definitely strapless dresses, an internal corset is required, which is usually boned. The corset needs to be closely fitted and supportive. Coutil fabric is ideal for this purpose.



For celebrities and Royals alike, lace has traditionally been favoured as a wedding fabric of choice. This was used to great effect for the Duchess of Cambridge’s, Sarah Burton designed gown in 2011.

Please note we do not stock lace.


If you are looking for wedding dress fabric or just inspiration then please browse our fabrics and order some samples today.

Here are some of our suggestions: –

Silk Satin:

S45B Double Faced Satin Silk White

S52A Duchess Satin Ivory

S112 Satin Silk Heavy White (Crepe backed)

S229 Satin Silk Pavona White

S57H Satin Silk QP54 White

Other Silks:

S58 Crepe De Chine Heavy White

DS15A Dupion Silk Ivory

DS15 Dupion Silk White

S190A Habotai Silk Heavy No. 10 White


Other fibres:

CD74 Cotton Satin Duchesse White

CD18B Navara Fine Lawn White

CD15B Voile Cotton Cambridge White

CMIS408 Voile Cotton WBL49 White

CP17 Cotton Mousse WBL99 White

CD69 H200 Cotton White (Lawn)

BS10 Bamboo/Silk Satin Natural

SC20 Silk/Cotton Diana White (Chiffon)

S198 Silk Elastane CDC No. 30 White

SE12 Silk/Spandex Providence Natural

SV12 Silk/Viscose Iona White

SF22 Polyester Crepe De Chine White

SF18 Polyester Satin Kent White

SF15B Polyester Voile White


S230 Silk Tulle Ivory (Soft)

PW30A Nylon Net Amelie Ivory

PW30 Nylon Net Amelie White

Bodice Fabrics:

MF52F Cotton/Viscose Spot Flesh (Coutil)

CMIS849C Coutil Cotton Herringbone Flesh

CMIS849A Coutil Cotton KR565 White (Optic White)

CD70 Coutil Cotton TB206 Natural (Soft)

CD70A Coutil Cotton TB206 White (Soft)

L390 Coutil Cotton/Viscose Bell White (Optic White)

CMIS278 Coutil Viscose Satin White (Cotton backed)