What is the Difference Between Calico and Muslin

Calico and muslin both have a wide range of uses, but what is the difference between them and which should you choose for your project.


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What is Calico Fabric?

Calico is a cotton fabric that is un-dyed, with a medium thread count. It has a plain weave made from unbleached cotton fibres. Here at Whaleys we supply calico both pre-washed and loomstate, as a base cloth ready to be further treated, dyed and/or printed on.

Calico is a well-recognised and popular choice for many projects. It is durable, strong and low-priced which is why it is the ideal fabric choice for toiles (see our Calico guide for more information), making pillowcases, quilts, bags, duvets and curtains as well as various crafting projects.

Calico is a favourite in schools, textile departments and art classes. It is ideal for dyeing, printing and experimenting when testing a wide variety of projects.

This fabric is very versatile, inexpensive and it is available in many different weights, widths and you can order any length from us, from one metre upwards

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What is Mulsin Fabric?

Muslin can be made from various fibres such as cotton, linen and silk.

Most associate muslin with its more delicate sheers, due to its looser weave and lower thread count. It is an incredibly versatile fabric with a light weight nature and can be popular for voile drapes.

Other uses for muslin fabric include: –

· Shellac polishing

· In the culinary world for straining food stuffs such as jam

· Theatre set designs

· Stage flats

· Stage backdrops

· Theatre props

· Within surgical procedures

The Differences between Calico and Muslin:

The two fabrics are quite different.

Calico is best if you are looking for a strong tighter woven fabric that needs to be durable, have longevity and can stand to be dyed, printed and worked on.

Muslin has a more open weave and is the best choice for those who are working with more delicate projects. At Whaleys, we supply a wide range of high-quality calico and muslin. Our fabric is available to buy by the metre making it ideal for any project.

If you are looking for a specific type of fabric for your project, then please get in touch with our sales team who will help you with your purchase.