Rayon Fabric

A semi-synthetic fibre created from processed wood pulp, Rayon which is also known as viscose, modal and lyocell, is a versatile fibre that achieves a sheer look when made into garments and drapery. Imitating the texture of fine silks, wool, cotton and linen, Rayon fibres are ideal for use in hot climates due to the fabrics lack of insulating properties. Rayon is delicate and considered easy to dye, however care should be taken when cleaning as many Rayon fabrics are dry clean only. In 2010 the price of cotton fabrics increased making Rayon a preferred low cost alternative for manufacturers.

Whaleys stock a selection of Rayon fabric available to buy by the metre or in wholesale lengths to suit your requirements. For more information and to view the full range simply search for 'rayon' in the search box top right of this website.

Spun Rayon          Coated Rayon White Devore        Rayon white Devore

Spun Rayon                                                 Coated Rayon White Devore                    Rayon White Devore