Ticking Fabric


Ticking Fabric

Stylish and hard-wearing, ticking fabric is a tightly woven, striped fabric made from a heavy cotton or cotton and linen blend fabric. It is perfect for use across a variety of projects, acting as a durable cover on a wide range of textile applications.

Versatile and Hard-Wearing

The versatile and hard-wearing properties of ticking fabric make it the number one choice for many projects, both big and small. The close weave and strength of ticking fabric provides an effective barrier for a number of filling options. Whether you are encasing feathers or other wadding, ticking fabric ensures the filling is kept intact and evenly distributed.

With an attractive striped pattern, ticking fabric creates a characteristically chic addition to a home, hotel or restaurant setting, bringing new life and a pop of colour to a room.


Ticking fabric is easy to work with and suits both commercial and hobbyist projects. Brighten up a room by using ticking fabric to cover an array of items, including cushions, pillows, seat-pads, and headboards. You can also use the fabric to rejuvenate worn pieces of furniture, such as armchairs, footstools and sofas, giving them a second life. It is also commonly used to cover mattresses. Alternatively, the versatile and stylish fabric can be made into curtains, roman blinds, or table runners, adding a classic country style or relaxed French cottage feel to a space.

Ticking fabric is ideal in both the home and public spaces. We supply to many textiles enthusiasts, as well as professionals operating in the hospitality and leisure sector.

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We stock ticking fabric in two different colours. Whether you require a large amount of fabric for a big-scale commercial project or a smaller amount for a personal house renovation, our fabric is sold by the metre, with discounted prices when buying more than two metres. If you require a sample of any of our fabrics, simply contact a member of our team who will be able to process your request.

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