Cheap No Sew DIY Wedding Chair Bows & Sashes

Here's a couple of great video showing you how to tie a simple wedding chair bow and a sashed back created by an Australian event hire company. Follow these steps to turn a simple length of fabric into an attractive wedding bow and save lots of money compared to hiring bows.

Pick inexpensive organzachiffoncrepe de chine or any fabric that has an attractive sheen for best effect.

Super Tip: Most wedding venues will put bows onto your chairs for you. Just show them how you want it done.

Wedding Chair Bows

1. Wrap the fabric around the back rest of the chair with the shiny side facing outwards. The side facing the chair will be mat.

2. Position the fabric so that there is an equal amount of fabric on each side

3. Keep the levels straight

4. Create a simple knot by passing one length of fabric across and behind the other.

5. Tidy the edges of the chair ensure the sides are fully extended and not scrunched up to give a professional finish

6. Whilst holding the knot with your left hand place the back of your hand flat against the chair. This is to keep the bow tight.

7. Make your first bow loop with the cloth remembering to ensure the shiny side is outwards facing.

8. Keeping the tension in the knot, bring the fabric in your left handover and pass through the newly made hole in the knot to make a classic bow shape

9. The bow is almost done

10. Just pull out the loops ensuring that the shiny side is outwards facing.

Wedding Chair Cravat Sash

1. Follow steps one to six in the previous tutorial to get to a stage where you have a simple knot tied at the back of the chair.

7. Then tie a second knot to create a firm knot.

8. Adjust the tails of your fabric so that both are showing the shiny side

9. Pinching half way up the tail simply tuck a portion of the tails fabric back over the knot to hide it.

10. You should now have a chair adorned with an attractive cravat style sash.