Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is created from the cellulose that naturally occurs in the leaves and stem of the bamboo plant. This cellulose is extracted forming fibres that are then spun into what has come to be known as Bamboo Fabric. As Bamboo is a fast growing plant requiring no pesticides to grow it is widely regarded as being an ecologically friendly fabric. At Whaleys, we supply the highest quality wholesale bamboo fabric in loomstate by the metre. Bamboo Fabric Properties: Bamboo fabric is a natural textile that is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. The fabric is soft, light and surprisingly silky with excellent wicking properties whilst the fibres provide great insulation in colder climates. Bamboo fabric is hydrophilic and also has natural deodorising qualities. Some forms of pure bamboo fabric are even considered to have hypoallergenic and UV resistant properties. Available as a standalone fabric or mixed with other fibres to produce robust blends. Buy bamboo fabric in the UK from Whaleys, simply pick your bamboo fabric from our selection below.

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