Chiffon Fabric

At Whaleys, we supply a wide range of the highest quality chiffon fabric in a variety of blends at affordable prices. Buy chiffon fabric from Whaleys by the metre with up to 34% discount for orders above 10 metres. Chiffon Fabric is a lightweight sheer fabric. The name chiffon comes from the French word “rag” or “cloth.” Made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres, chiffon fabric is a extremely fine mesh which gives chiffon fabric see through properties. Chiffon is used for a wide variety of applications due to its flexibility and the fact it can be dyed almost any colour. Most commonly used in dress wear as an overlay, which gives a floating appearance to the gown. As well as dress wear chiffon fabric is used in blouses and lingerie, and its lightweight means it is easily bonded and therefore particular seems must be used to stop the chiffon fabric fraying. If you need any advice on our chiffon fabric please get in touch or add a free sample to your basket. Explore our range of Chiffon Fabric or navigate by the categories belowChiffon Fabric Categories Silk Chiffon

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