Felt Fabric

Felt fabric consists of fibres pressed together to make a matting. Felt fabric is can be made from both synthetic and natural fibres with wool being one of the most common fabrics used. Felt is used in a wide variety of industries across a number of different applications. The reason felt fabric can be used within different industries and for such diverse applications is due to how it can differ from one type to another. The fact that felt can vary in colour, size, thickness and density mean it is ideal to solve a wide variety of problems. Felt fabric is commonly used in craft making, however as felt varies in thickness and it is used for vibration dampening and as a seal in the automotive industry. It can also be found on a number of different instruments including drums and pianos. At Whaleys we stock a small selection of felt fabric; however we do have some alternatives, so if you are looking for a felt fabric or something similar please get in touch via our contact form.

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