Scrim Fabric

Scrim is a fabric that is available in both a heavy, course material used in the reinforcement of canvas making and construction, and a finely woven fabric historically used in the theatre and book binding. Scrim gauze is a Tulle like fabric net featuring large spaces within the weave make the material semi-opaque when viewed at distance and transparent when viewed up close. Another feature of Scrim gauze fabrics are that that both reflect and transmit light giving them a broad appeal within a wide range of industries. Jute Scrim is a more structural material consisting of an open weave. Used in both industrial manufacturing and construction, this heavy course fabric is incredibly versatile. Whaleys stock a select range of Scrim fabrics both wholesaling and selling scrim direct to the public from only £0.53 per metre. Browse our online store to view and buy our Scrim in stock and request free samples to feel the quality of our fabrics.

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