Dressmaking Fabric

Dressmaking is one of the most popular uses for fabric. Each fabric has its own unique set of attributes which include density, flexibility, structure and strength meaning some fabrics are better for certain types of projects.

As a fabric warehouse which specialises in loom state fabrics Whaleys has plenty of options when it comes to dressmaking fabric. From fine silks and cottons through to synthetic materials suitable for dyeing and printing, our online dressmaking fabric ranges represent a vast choice, versatility and amazing value.

Structured Dressmaking Fabrics

Cotton – a commonly used fabric when it has been interwoven with elastic. As cotton comes in many forms it is great for trying different variations. One of our most popular cotton fabrics for dressmaking is calico, which is often used in the tulle or prototype stage of dressmaking. The reason cotton is often chosen in the early stages of a projects is due to its price, with prices being as cheap as £1.46 per metre.

Wool – Another fabric used in more structured clothing. Wool fabric is commonly used in tailoring and similarly to cotton requires elastic to be woven within it to create any sort of stretch or flexibility. Some of the common projects which include wool are suits, trousers and smart skirts.

Stretchy Dressmaking Fabrics

Viscose – is a stretchy fabric which is commonly used in tight fitting dresses, shirts, bodycon dresses and t-shirts. At a little over £13 per metre viscose fabric is ideal for final year fashion & textile projects.   

Jersey – the most common use for jersey fabric is within t-shirts. To create jersey machines knit together fine cotton threads which mean that garments created from it are stretchy and comfortable. Jersey fabric can vary in type depending on the composition, our fabrics range in price from £4.10 to £34.19 per metre which include Jersey silk and cotton jersey.

Rayon – A manufactured fabric which is considered semi-synthetic.  Rayon is an elasticated fabric which is often used in projects which require a flexible stretchy fabric to which holds its shape. The Rayon sold by Whaleys ranges in price from £4.29 to £9.29 per metre.

Delicate Dressmaking Fabrics

Silk – This is a relatively expensive fabric and is often used in the finishing of garments, for accessories and to drape. Due to its shine and slippery nature silk is difficult to sew with. At Whaleys we stock a wide range of silks including noil silk, habotai silk, organza silk and many more.

Chiffon – Is a lightweight fabric ideal for draping or as top layer for garments including dresses and tops. Chiffon is similar to silk and is difficult to sew with, due to the ease of which it tears. At Whaleys we stock a range of chiffon fabrics ranging in price from £5.33 to £14.81.

Lace – A delicate fabric which is commonly used in the making of wedding dresses and lingerie.

Get Your Dress Making Fabric from Whaleys Fabrics Today

At Whaleys we provide loom state fabrics which are suitable for dressmaking. However some of these fabrics may alter when washed at certain temperatures so for more details on these fabrics then give us a call.