Painting Canvas 8.9oz (Duck) – SHORT PIECES (1-9M IN LENGTH) – SPECIAL OFFER


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Optional Rolling Fee (per meter)

Our Rolling Fee is £0.15 per metre.


SPECIAL OFFER. Please enter the quantity in metres you would like to receive. This will then be sent in smaller pieces of between 1mt and 9mt in length.

8.9oz Heavy-duty cotton painting canvas is a tightly woven fabric. The unbleached fabric will still retain its natural colours and oils, this will mean it’ll require additional processing to get it to your desired condition. The tight weave will create the perfect surface for the paints to absorb and bond. The canvas fabric is 8.9oz which is medium to heavy weight.

Fabric is untreated ie. natural cream colour and requires washing or priming before further processing.

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Weight1.300000 kg


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