Calico Fabric

At Whaleys Bradford Ltd, we are leading, UK-based calico fabric suppliers with calico covering weights from heavy to light varieties in addition to scoured, shrunk and coated fabrics, our Calico fabric range is versatile and very popular.

If you are looking to buy calico fabric then look no further, we have a wide range on offer suitable for your next project and sell a calico fabric roll in metres with up to 34% discount for 10 metres or more! 

What is Calico Fabric? It is a cotton loom state fabric which is undyed and with a low thread count, Calico fabric is a popular choice for creating prototype garment samples as well as items that need to be durable and have longevity. Calico Fabric is durable, soft and inexpensive making them the fabric of choice for testing new garment designs, making pillowcases, duvets and curtains as well as for various craft-making projects. Check out, How Calico Differs from Muslin?

Pick your calico fabric from our selection below.

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