Jute Fabric

Burlap also known as Hessian in the UK is a dense woven fabric created from Jute, Sissal or Hemp, a course stranded yet eco friendly thread. Used in gunny sacks/shoes and as backings for rugs and mats, Burlap is a strong, versatile material that is cheap yet robust and easy to work. Often used in craft projects and room settings as a neutral backing or to add a hand crafted rural twist to your design. Burlap was first imported from india around the beginning of the 19th Century and used in clothing, horticulture, packaging and more recently in pop culture.

Whaleys stock a wide range of Burlap/Hessian fabrics available in different woven densities to achieve a multitude of finishes. For more information and to view the full range simply search for 'hessian' or 'jute' in the search box top right of this website.

Jute Fabric at Whaleys:


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