Below are some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

  • How much is delivery? Delivery chargers vary due to the weight of the fabric being ordered, these will be caluclated when you go through the checkout process.
  • Where are the fabrics from? The fabrics are sourced from a wide variety of countries on different continents including the UK. At Whaleys we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality fabrics and therefore we take time and care in finding the best fabrics no matter where it comes from.
  • Do you sell fabrics in any other colour, e.g. blue denim? Most of our fabrics are sold in their natural state, (base cloth), with the intention that customers will be dyeing / printing themselves.The majority of fabrics are white/cream in appearance.
  • Can we dye fabrics and what are the minimum amounts? We can arrange for the dyeing of fabric. The minimum amounts are between 300-500 metres for our fabrics. Please ring our Sales Office on 01274 576718 for prices and lead times.
  • Why do coated Fabrics have to be rolled? The coating on the fabric can cause it to rub if the fabric is folded.and, therefore, when printed it will appear patchy. Rolled fabrics cannot be sent out via Royal Mail so must be sent out on our carrier services.
  • Do we keep credit card details? We never see your credit card details when you place an order on our website. The transaction is securely handled by WorldPay.
  • Do you charge for using credit cards? No, we make no charge for using credit or debit cards.
  • On the flameproof section what does NDFR and DFR mean? NDFR means Non Durable Flame Redardent – This means the overall fabric has been treated with a substance to achieve the Flame Proofing and has to have specialist dry cleaning to keep the Flame Proofing.

    DFR means Duarble Flame Redardent – This means the fabric has been woven with a specialised thread that is Flame Proofed, this fabric can be washed and still maintain the Flame Proofing.
  • Will any of my personal information be passed on to any other companies? No, we don’t pass your information on to anyone, unless required to by law.
  • Why do you ask for ‘delivery instructions’? This is to help our carrier eg. if you know you won't be in to take the delivery then leave instruction to leave it next door etc.
  • Do you have a shop I could visit? We don’t have a retail shop. We do have full sample ranges to view in our reception area.
  • What kind of shrinkage should I expect? This depends on what is actually done with the fabric, what processes the fabric goes through, and what conditions they are done in. It is always advisable to allow between 5% - 10% for shrinkage.
  • Can I request samples? Yes, you can request a sample of any fabric listed on the website (with a couple of exceptions). You can have one sample request of up to five fabric samples from us, free of charge (including free postage). If you need more than 5 then we can send an additional 5 for a charge of £7.00. Head to our free sample page for more information.