Brushed Cotton Fabric

Brushed Cotton Fabric

Originating in 16th-century Wales, brushed cotton fabric, also known as flannel, is a soft, woven fabric. It was originally created from carded wool (see our full range of wool fabrics here), but is now manufactured using wool, cotton or a synthetic fibre by a mechanical brushing machine that processes raw material to achieve a soft, raised nap.

Soft and Cosy Fabric

The soft-to-the-touch texture of brushed cotton makes it perfect for use creating sleepwear, bedshirts, blankets, baby clothing, and bedsheets. The process of creating brushed cotton leaves a soft face that makes the fabric able to easily retain warmth when worn, making it ideal for the colder months. Nevertheless, it is a breathable fabric as well, ensuring you can enjoy the utmost comfort.

Purchase brushed cotton to craft your own soft and comfy clothing or bedding, and ensure you’re warm and cosy throughout the winter season or cold spells.

Expertise and Tailor-Made Service

We take pride in being fabric experts and have been sourcing and supplying fabrics since the 19th century. As such, our technical know-how and years of expertise within the fabric industry come as part of the package when you buy fabric from our warehouse.

Our knowledgeable and helpful customer support team are always on hand to answer any of your fabric queries and are here to make sure you receive the right fabric to suit your unique project requirements.

Our tailor-made service allows you to pick the fabric you need, made to measure. You can buy all of our fabrics by the metre and receive discounts when purchasing more than two metres. Prices for wholesale quantities are available on request. Furthermore, our delivery options can be tailored to suit your needs.

Browse Our Collection

We stock a selection of brushed cotton fabric in our warehouse, all in their natural state and ready for printing or dyeing to suit your creative ideas. Subject to minimum quantities, we may be able to arrange for the dyeing of fabric for you; simply call our sales office on 01274 576718 for further information.

Browse our full collection online, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you cannot find the fabric you are looking for.